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H&H is an official dealer for MTC Voyager Trike Kits. In the coming years, the global trike market is expected to gain momentum due to the increasing demand for comfort and convenience, and H&H Cycle and Powersports is answering the mail for customers in southwest Ohio. There is a large market for three-wheeled motorcycles due to their greater stability and safety. Incorporated into the vehicle are cargo or passenger capacity, weather protection, lights, seats, and mirrors.

Since 1998, MTC Voyager trike kits have been the #1 selling, most ridden convertible trike kits! They are the only convertible trike tested by an independent engineering firm. There are conversion kits available for a variety of different bikes from brands including Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Triumph, Honda, BMW, Polaris, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Indian, Aprilia, American Iron Horse, Moto Guzzi, Hyosung, Ridley, Tank, and Big Dog. Options include a reverse kit that cost $1395, fender shields, and taillight options (H-D Style, tombstone, or beehive lights), as well as different rim and tire choices.

MTC Voyager Trike Kit Black

The Voyager kit includes a Voyager frame, fenders, a rear guard/assembly, a mounting hardware kit, a suspension hardware kit, tires & wheels, hubs, a trailer ball hitch, jack stands, a portable kickstand, and a preload plate.

The handling and riding characteristics of a conventional trike and the Voyager motorcycle conversion are similar. Both use push-pull steering and offer great stability at stops and in traffic. A key benefit of Voyager is that it is not permanent – you can return to two wheels at any time! If necessary, new mounting hardware and suspension parts can be purchased to move your Voyager from motorcycle to motorcycle (of similar size). It is not necessary to permanently modify your motorcycle.

The frame and attachment points are the strongest in the industry for a reason. The Voyager was rigorously tested by an independent engineering firm for its stress levels. Over the past 23 years, we have continuously improved the Voyager. Designed to last, there are multiple customers who have put 300,000+ miles on their Voyager using three or more motorcycles.

Regardless of which kit style you choose, Voyager provides the same great ride and stability. You will get heavy-duty suspension and mounting hardware regardless of whether you choose a Standard, Custom, or Classic style. The main difference in price is a reflection of the cosmetic options:

  • Standard model: Costs $3995 and includes metal fenders and a metal rear guard

  • Custom model: Costs $4495 and includes your choice of premium fiberglass fenders and a metal rear guard

  • Classic model: Costs $5195 and includes your choice of premium fiberglass fenders, fender taillights, a wiring harness, and a premium fiberglass rear assembly (which includes two H-D style tail lights).

NOTE: Everything included is bolt on. No drilling, no welding.

The Voyager is mounted to the motorcycle using receiver brackets (mounting hardware). It does not take long for the Voyager frame to bolt on and bolt off once these brackets are installed. The receiver brackets are not permanent, but for most bikes, they can stay on while you ride. Once installed, the Voyager can easily be removed from your motorcycle. The first thing you need to do is stabilize your motorcycle. Secondly, remove the main bolts. The third step is to unplug your electrical, remove the rear receiver brackets from the Voyager, and attach your portable kickstand. Roll or drive your motorcycle over the crossbar and off the Voyager. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete this process. In order to put the Voyager back on, you need to reverse the steps: Back up the motorcycle, align the rear receiver brackets with the suspension forks, plug in the electrical and tighten the main bolts. Generally, this process takes 10-20 minutes.

The suspension on the Voyager is independent of the motorcycle. With the Voyager wheels moving independently, front-end shake is reduced. In addition to shock-absorbing leaf springs, rubber shock mounts reduce front-end shake. The possibility of becoming high-centered exists, but it is rare. Due to the independent movement of the Voyager wheels and the motorcycle’s rear wheel, they can move to different heights on uneven roads. Additionally, the Voyager wheels are preloaded so that the center wheel is pushed down to the ground, reducing traction loss. It is possible for the motorcycle to lean/tilt approximately six to twelve degrees inside the Voyager, resulting in a less rigid ride. In spite of the lean, the Voyager-attached bike must be controlled like a trike (by pushing and pulling).

Interested in seeing a Voyager kit? Come on by H&H and we would be happy to show you all of this and discuss whether adding a Voyager kit is the right move for you and your bike. 

FREE Pick-up & Delivery through January 31st (within 20 miles)

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